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Here is some Robert Urich fan fiction

The Time Spenser Bought Me a Hamburger (Fiction, Not Real Life!)

One day I was sitting in the park next to the Robbins Library in Arlington, Massachusetts reading a book. I looked up from my book and I saw a man in a hat standing near me, admiring the squirrels.

"You're Robert Urich!" I said.

"I am impressed," Robert Urich replied. "Not many people recognize me, because of this hat."

"It is a fancy hat," I told him.

"Indeed it is," he said and briefly took it off and admired it. "Where is a good place to get a hamburger? I do not know this town and I am hungry."

"I know just the place," I said to Robert Urich, and I told him how to get to my favorite hamburger restaurant.

"You must come with me," he replied, and I did and we both had hamburgers, french fries and pickles.

I had so much fun and so did Robert Urich but then he died of cancer and I got to be one his pallbearers.